Hot Foil Printing Inks (various widths)

Eidos Ribbons


For easy handling inside production premises. Available in sizes 600x400mm and 400x300mm. Famapak’s dollies are manufactured according to European standards for the transport of meat crates. The water-and-air-proof bearings resist

Boxes with Wheels


Strapping Machines

Agriboxes for Agricultural Purposes

Label Applicators

Automatic adhesive label applicator to be included in production lines. Ideal for application on flat or slightly irregular products. You can apply the label on the top of the product

Crates and Boxes

Solid Distribution Containers Crates Stackable Container Reinforced Bottom Crates Crates Fishing Container Crates

Plastic Pallets

Offered in sizes 800x1200mm or 1000x1200mm. Upon request, we may supply pallets to carry different weights for warehousing and transportation. Famapak’s pallets are very light, they are very resistant and

Carton Sealers

Our carton sealers can manually or automatically adjust on different box sizes. Famapak’s carton sealers can achieve simultaneous tape sealing and closing of the top and bottom flaps of American

Tape dispensers

For general use with tapes of up to 50mm width.

Thermal Transfer Printers

Adhesive Tapes

Offered with different adhesive materials. Available in solvent based, natural rubber to sustain strength for high or low temperatures. Our tapes are suitable for refrigeration use, they are resistant to

Metal Detectors

PVC Rigid Trays

Fama-Pak owns and operates a small unit to produce PVC trays. The PVC trays are used mainly for bakery and confectionary products. Please ask for samples so you can decide

Check Weighers

Vacuum pouches

Oxidation is a food’s worst nightmare. It shortens the life span of the product and leaves it susceptible to harmful bacteria and dehydration. Famapak’s vacuum pouches preserve your products, while

Tray Sealers

Palletizers and Stretch Wrappers

Famapak’s palletizers and pallet wrapping machines use stretch film for the stabilization and securing of palletized loads. You can choose among semiautomatic, automatic or even robot palletizers. With key features like

Stretch Film Handles

Stretch film – Machine rolls

Multi-layer automatic stretch film for wrapping machines working with pre-stretch equipment. Famapak’s automatic stretch film is manufactured in Europe by ISO-certified producers.  Available with different pre-stretch levels from 100% to

Blow Molding Machines

Open Mouth & Valve Packing Machines

Automatic Open Mouth Machine Automatic Valve Packer Machine

Stretch film – Hand rolls

Manufactured in Europe by ISO-certified producers. Famapak’s hand stretch film has a transparent colour with 20 or 23 micron thickness. Our hand stretch film can be applied by workers to

Vacuum Packing Machines

Multihead Weighers & FORM FILL SEAL Machines

Our quick and precise multihead weighers have been tested all over the world in thousands of different products. Ease of use and maintenance were among the fundamental aspects in the

Laminated printed & unprinted films

Famapak can offer laminated printed or unprinted films. These films are usually used on high speed vertical and flow-pack packaging lines to obtain maximum efficiency and flawless final products. Mainly

Thermoforming films

High barrier forming films which are suitable for vacuum packaging to be used on custom made thermoforming machines. Mainly used in meat, fish, cheese and pharmaceutical industries. Famapak’s thermoforming films

Thermoforming machines

Our thermoforming equipment transforms plastic to a specific shape in a mold and then trims it to create a usable product. Famapak offers thermoforming machines that can be used to

Polyethylene (PE) Shrink Film

Shrink Wrapping Machines

Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine Manual Shrink Wrapping Machine

Polyolefin Shrink film

Polyolefin center folded shrink film designed to deliver maximum tightness, gloss and strength. Our shrink film covers a broad spectrum of products and it is preferred due to its optical

Flow Wrapping Machines